Versuri Saint - Lost

Album: Saint - Crime Scene Earth

Hot rocking
Dressed to kill my face on a dollar bill
Those were the best days of my life

I'm just a prisoner of the past
I'm gonna make it I can last
The hourglass has turned to stone
On this earth to roam alone

Won't you help me
Yes I'm beggin you today
And I know your gonna say
That I'm

Lost in the eighty's
Van Halen Boulevard
When Schenker rocked the world
I wanna be a rock star
Into the valley
The valley of the Priest

Black leather
All studs
Arena's number 1
Those were the best years of my life
I'm just a prisoner lost in time
Looking for something I can't find
I put the Metal to the test
I'm wanna rock I'll never rest

[Bridge & chorus]

God or the devil...

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