Versuri Saint - Ride To Kill

Album: Saint - The Mark

Look behold a white horse rides to conquer and to curse
A second seal, a call to war, the red horse rides the verse
He's granted to take peace from earth and causes men to slay
The broken seals are haunting man, prepare for Judgment day

Come break the seals
The horsemen rides to kill
Come break the seals
It's the end of time but we don't mind (the end of the line)
(The end has come, when it done)

When He broke the third seal I heard the elder say
Come and look upon the horse, the black horse rides today
First famine rides then people die, the ashen horse is on its way
It's the end of the world that's what the people say


Look behold the ashen horse with death upon the seat
He uses famine and pestilence, he even kills with beasts

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