Versuri SANCTIMONY - Back Down

Album: SANCTIMONY - Devil And Men

Hey, somebody take me home!
I'm blinded and defeated down to bone
I'm just a kid from country, came to town
Hey, somebody take me to your home!

An angel fell down on my head I was dead and done
Cut my ties and left the ground. Oh! Wow!
Then at the gates of holy place I took the line
But when my time came Lord said "Go back down".

So here I am! And don't know why.
I've got nowhere to go. No.
Just want to get some place for life
Hey, somebody take me to your home!

Looking up to the deep blue ocean sky
Wanna see the Lord and ask him why
Hey man! Why did you put me back here alive?
Oh, no reply or single sign. And I keep on asking.

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