Versuri SANCTIMONY - Criminal

Album: SANCTIMONY - Devil And Men

Wake up! I've heard some noise downstairs
Like somebody pulling drawers in a haste
Opening doors and moving things from place
Now there was the sound of a coin landing the floor

There is a criminal in our house
Some small rat, thinking he's silent as mouse
Hey, bandit, I'm gonna get ya in a flash
Won't say this aloud, we'll play cat and mouse

The one downstairs, he doesn't hear me
Taking baseball bat and slowly rushing down
I'm gonna get ya, oh yeah, I'm gonna get ya!
I hear you, now I can see you, smell you!

Lights in his blinded eyes
Bat going down - bandit's on a ground
Kickin' him as mad, I kick him out off from the place
Chasing up and down the street

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