Versuri SANCTIMONY - The Castle Mound

Album: SANCTIMONY - When Sun Was God

In the shadow of centenarian oak
In between fields and meadows
Unaltered through ages
Guarded by the god of sun
On the top of a sheer castle mound
There rises the castle of Semigallians
Strange winds like maledistort sessag
Bring reflections of faraway fires
Black clouds gathering
Shielding the darkness, shielding the light
Black warriors of christ approach
Creatures of darkness
Clap of thunder
The Sky merges with moarning earth
When thousands of christians
Attack the castle of pagans
In flash of lightening steel brightly shines
Steeping the castle mound in blood
In spite of the rain
Flame blazes up over the castle
Overwhelmed by predominance
Defenders of the castle step into the beyond
First rays of the morning sun
Find castle mound alone in its sorrow

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