Versuri SARCOPHAGUS - One Black Autumn

Album: SARCOPHAGUS - For We... Who Are Consumed By The Darkness

the harlot walks upon the
green meadows, the lamb
of god by her side with a
moral, and self-rightious
law, should crucify in
satan's synagogue,
standing above this mighty
ruin, where satan's first
victory won, with flames of
fire, beneath a fatal tree,
he stretches his druid
pillars flare...

in autumn came his
deathlygroan, from within
and the pomp of war,
rioted in human gore, with
sweet defeat, death and woe...

he withered up sweet
zion's hill, from every
nation of the earth, he
withered up jerusalem's
gates and in a dark land
gave his birth, on the
euphrates satan stood,
and over asia stretched his
pride, then what came
was his mortal worm, but
so translucent from within!

the human form, a mortal
worm, sacrifice, for my sin

feed the harlot, please beat
the b***h, writhe in
howlong, for my sin...

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