Versuri Satanochio - Everything Dies

Album: Satanochio - Vagrant Matter Heritage

 I am the withered leaf
Fallen proud from the tree of life
The perfect prison in entire Universe.
Gods are many, rules are many
I am just one. The last no one.
Through my last trip in nothing
I'm gone like eternal everything
Cause my dear everything dies

This is tomorrow
You cannot see ahead
If I cut you waters will shine red
From your hidden wardrobe
I pick the essential mask
Like an ageless scarecrow
My real face is born

Chorus: Everything Dies

Sons of tomorrow will die by their sins
Ages will burn down their fake wings
Death crucifies the ways of perfection
But you are able to rewind me

Everything Dies (chorus)

You cannot take beyond life
The mountain of coins
The perfect shapes
The diamond robe
The palace the the slaves

You are the nothing

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