Versuri Satanochio - The National John Doe

Album: Satanochio - Vagrant Matter Heritage

The great square is open
Daily fools will gratify
Shut down your answers
Majority will plot

The National John Doe
Measured Liberty Censor
Eternal Life Winner
By the rules of a handmade god
The usual dead foe
Daily set to judge

Let the mirror show you back looser
Aren't you the only panic producer?
In vain you were born, in vain you will die
Even you deny the daily dead sky

The National John Doe
Constraint freedom recycler
Eternal Life Winner
By great self-destruction rules
The usual dead foe
Daily set to command me

I saw them gathered at the gates of the absolute
Surrounded by static walls of perfection
Floating meaningless on the tongues of time
Defying the rules of universe
Like a planetary horrible cycle