Versuri Saturnus - Christ Goodbye

Album: Saturnus - For The Loveless Lonely Nights

[Recorded live]

Cathedrals, towers rising in my heart
A thunder roars deep and quiet.
Making love with the silent rain.
Christ flashes before my eyes
with empty face, he chants the world goodbye.
Christ goodbye... Christ goodbye...
The world has vanished before our eyes.
Horned with staff and cloak,
I approach the world's churchyard.
Grey skies transforming into deep black drops,
as the sun glance upon the holy ground.
The whore of life delicious irresistable,
blood red sheet full of lust.
Every man has a dragon heart upon his own dusty
(where) the thunder roars across the heavens.
The deepest chambers laugh -
Dragon king wake up, it's time to take this throne.
Cloven hoof scratch the floor
human find your devil door.
Christ goodbye... Christ goodbye...
I am god, the human eye.