Versuri Satyricon - Live Through Me

Album: Satyricon - Volcano

[bonustrack only on LP-version]

Gods of the land remember him
For he has served the purpose
And sworn to thee

Master of the mountains
Spirit of the sea
Bringer of justness
Lord of the dark ways

Flee from him, for he is pure
As any soldier can be
Fighting a cause
Free as any wanderer

Armed with flame
Blazing force
Risen from time
Rebel's son

Remember the fallen
And what they did
Memory is how to
Understand the future

Troubled by those
Whose spirit is torn
From mind and body
Never surrender!

Destined by the elders
And by them acclaimed
Ascending from the abyss
Sunset for the Triumphator

[lyrics and music by Satyr Wongraven]