Versuri Satyricon - Now, Diabolical

Album: Satyricon - Now, Diabolical

The chase is on
Reverie dies
Stand up be counted
This world that we hold
Will never kneel
f**k you - you can never win
You never had
Our persistence
It's an honor never bestowed upon you
We're wide - awake
All senses alert
We'll brush you off
Like dirt on our skin
A lifetime under devil wings
Has forged a shield of unpenetrable strength

'cause they want
'cause they need
'cause they are
Made to be
Now, Diabolical

Countless nights of ferocious anger
And grinding teeth
The jaw is clenched
The spark is lit
The target locked
We want you dead
Your head on our plate
You wanted war
And war you will get
You sorry man - you never knew and you (were) never prepared

We cannot
We will not
We never have been affected by you
We will always fight
We will never rest
We will not mourn

Those who got lost
We entered this world and thought nothing
Of no one or anything
This world that we hold
Came to us with our lives
You always thought
You never knew
You never grasped our existence
A shallow mind in an empty shell - no good to this world
Both feet on the ground
Firmly positioned
Our boiling blood is pumping
Damn you all for being so small
You cannot kill
What you cannot see