Versuri Savage Circus - Evil Eyes

Album: Savage Circus - Dreamland Manor

Beaten, defeated and grinded to dust
The flame of life extinct
Legions of death
Have left their grim imprint
Nothing is like it's been before
Blinded by the light
Crossing the land
In everlasting night

Paralyzed in pain, what will remain?
Will existence rise again?
Paralyzed in pain, the will to live's remaining
Oh, it will remain

Life and death embrace in the morning
Shadows of the final dawing
Night is falling down forever
Evil eyes are staring at the world

Fires of hell melted the soil
Ashes waste the ground
Headstones of rubble
Mark the burial mound
The demon awoke in the blink of an eye
Swallosing the sun
With devastating, scorching breath
A new age's just begun

Creature of the night
Swallowing the light

Hammering his claws into the ground
Evil is unleashed
Unbound, unbound
Evil, evil
Is unleashed, unleashed


What is the answer to it all?
When mighty empires going to fall
Where will we go? What is to come
And what will be?
When the night is falling down
No one can foresee

Now I'm going beyond
I'm on my way to the other side
Will the evil spirit prevail?
Will it wait for me
At the other side?