Versuri Savage Circus - Legend Of Leto II

Album: Savage Circus - Of Doom and Death

I am a god, I am prescient
I am religion
I see the future, I see the path
Follow me, follow the vision
I have become the ultimate power
I am protection
I am Messiah, I am a tyrant
I show the path to redemption
To man man and the universe

Transformed in to something else
A being of nothing alike
Invincible, unbreakable
A creatures of numinous might
And inside my head
I am talking to the dead

Ancient memories
Are whispering in me
Father, give me guidance
To the path you have foreseen

Uh, I carry the burden
Of the world

Out in the oceans of sand
I saw the future
Of a golden land
Below the plains
I've been meeting my fate
I stood the test
The universe
In the palm of my hand
Oh am I blessed
Or cursed

And by the water of life
In the agony of spice
I saw visions of doom
I saw demise
I am perpetual
A sentinel in time
And for eternity
You will remember me by

Far away the nemesis
Is rising again in the dark
The day will come
When the scorch of man
Is ready to embark

I see reflections
From other memories
I see the slaughterhouse
Of the thinking machines
Rein of terror
Reign of the machines

Out in the oceans of sand

I set the universe
On the golden path
To seed desire
Passion and wrath
As the millenniums
Are passing by
I did my part
Time has come
For me to die

You'll remember me by

Out in the oceans of sand