Versuri Savatage - Jesus Saves

Album: Savatage - The Best And The Rest

[Music & Words: Jon Oliva, Criss Oliva, Paul O'Neill]

Hey, man, you got a quarter? You ain't got nothing, that's ok man,
that's ok. God bless you anyway. Here, I hope I didn't scare you or
nothing like that. I ain't bum or nothing. Yeah, I used to live uptown
once, once before too you know. No, no, I did really I did. I used to
come down and look at all the characters. Never thought I'd be one
of them though. Characters, man, a lot of characters. Hey, hey, you
got a minute? Let me tell you a story about this friend of mine.
D.T. Jesus used to stand for Down Town Jesus. He used to sell
drugs and stuff down there, and they called him - that's why we
used to call him DeTox. He was one character, one character that
made it outa here. Let me tell you about him.

Jesus was a talker
Just an out-of-place New Yorker
He hung out on the boulevard

He was sellin' nickel candles
He was saving up all his quarters
Bought himself a cheap guitar

Started playin' in bars
Kids came in their cars
Hear them shouting at the stage

Jesus saves
Jesus saves
Yes, he does
Jesus saves

You know
Jesus he started changin'
Things got really strange
He saw his tee shirts everywhere

He started missing shows
The band came down to blows
But Jesus he just didn't care

Things got out of hand
And so he quit the band
Still the critics they would rave

Jesus saves
Jesus saves
Yes, he does
Jesus saves

So the dice were cast
Today became past
Jesus just disappeared

He was headed for New York
Or so his little label thought
And there he gave away the years

Last seen drinking wine
Beneath a flashing sign
Promising salvation to strays

Jesus saves
Jesus saves
Yes, he does
Jesus saves

Hear him cut through the night
On those late night radio waves
Jesus saves
Yes, he does
Jesus saves

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