Versuri Savatage - Mentally Yours

Album: Savatage - Gutter Ballet

Timmy went out to play
With the friends he made
Why did they send him away
He drove his mommy mad
His daddy he ran
They didn't understand
Now he gazes his cold nights through
Reliving all of the things he's do
If he only had another chance
If that was all he had

His tension life
He beats the wife
Doused the cat with gasoline
He's rather try
The other side
He just has to get away
That's when it all began
Timmy lost his mind
Was just a matter of time
Before he went crazy

Mentally yours [8 times]

Running wild
Cause that's his style
Can't be held by any cage
Crossed the line
The final time
Cause tonight he takes his stage

Mentally yours [8 times]