Just Walk Him Out There And Shoot Him Chords - Saves The Day

Awesome song from Lisa's Birthday Tape. Rhythm is pretty easy to figure out, have fun.

F#5     E5                      A5
When he said he wouldn't leave
       D5           F#5
Well I punched him
      E5           A5
Broke his eye wide open
Well he needed it
     F#5          E5           A5
In a way, you see every girl I meet
     D5              F#5                E5
Just falls for him before they fall for me
        A5          D5
And I'm sick of it
                   A5    E5  D5
Probably shouldn't have
                           A5    E5
But this feeling just came over me
    D5                            A5 
Yea-ha, sitting with a girl named Molly
      E5                  D5
And I think she likes me
I don't want Dave to f**k this up
       E5                  A5
Better kick him while he's down