Versuri Saves The Day - Daybreak: III. 8 AM

Album: Saves The Day - Daybreak

Now it's eight in the morning,
up all night just walking around.
I'm hiding out here under the window
by the sink where we used to laugh all day long.
I wait till I see you walking
from the bedroom down to the kitchen.
Fingering your hand into curls while talking
on the phone resting on your collarbone.

Here I come again, head is hanging low.
You put down the phone, take me in our arms.
And I'm all alone with you my love.
And did you hear me coming?

Running over the words I said last night.
While wishing I never saw your eyes
swell up with tears dripping down your thighs.
I can't let it go, I'm lost inside.

I can get so low.
Seems like there's no up and I'm all alone
So take me in your arms knowing I'm the one.

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