Versuri Saves The Day - Daybreak: V. Daybreak

Album: Saves The Day - Daybreak

Take a breath, turn around.
See the sun come through the clouds, the light alive in your eyes.
Standing here by your side of an arm under the sky.
I know I want to hold on.

The letters left on the lawn.
The shadows crawling the wall.
The mirror shatters and falls.

I've been lost for so long, no more will to carry on.
So dark and dead in the seas.
Nothing left in the end.
And to pray is to pretend.
I'm tired of trying to believe.

So can we learn to forget.
I wanna hold you again.
Can we love remember our love.

I can get so low.
Seems like there's no up and I'm all alone
So take me in your arms knowing I'm the one.

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