Versuri SAVIOUR MACHINE - The Revelation


[i. the blood of the lamb]

can you feel the signs
feel the signs
are we still alive
are we still alive
numbers - he makes his way
numbers - turn away
take what you like
stay with me, give me life
scorch the men who wear the mark
let the seas and rivers bleed
into the air
into the air
the first born of the dead
the mark upon his head
turn away, turn away
he who has an ear, let him hear
drink the blood of the lamb

[ii. the plague]

and the first went
poured his veil upon the earth
and there fell a grievous sore
breathe - dust to dust
bleeding out of darkness
a prayer for the dying
they want his heart
they want his mind
his blood - his blood
his blood flows to the river
his blood can break the night
to cry out for the answer
in the light
to roll across the land
the wound we cannot mend
breathe - dust to dust
it drags you through the doorway
scaling the walls between his eyes
his eyes will hold the answer
his eyes will shine above the night
the morning after his love
the system rapes you
then creates you

[iii. the veil of armageddon]

one law has manifested by his hand
his reign has opened darkness
on the land
they punish all believers
they torture all the children
of the light
run to the hills
or face your crucifixion
our stomachs bleed with hunger
our feet are cold, behold
our souls cannot be sold
the battlefield is cold and worn
seven years
the veil of armageddon
cries it's tears
the horsemen ride upon the night
the rage of fear
the veil of armageddon
cries it's tears
the prophets crucified
behold, the horsemen lie
the veil of armageddon
cries it's tears
the stage is set through all dimensions
through the end
the veil of armageddon
cries it's tears
his promise is revealed
the heavens break the seals
the veil of armageddon
cries it's tears

[iv. the wrath]

standing in time, two worlds collide
break the numbers, break the chains
break the chains
there's nowhere to hide, you must be tried
face the torture, face the pain
ride the train into the fire
don't stand in the fire
don't stand in the fire
lord, what have they done
denied the father
denied the son
lord, i see the end
take the children
in love, descends
he's come to set us free

[v. the resurrection]

lord, take my hand, take my soul
through the door
lord i understand i'm but a man
who knows the pain
within your tears
your tears of love
your tears of pain
they rain upon me
as the millions
meet their fate
lord, i need to see what lies beyond
the great unknown
the rays of heaven penetrate my soul
to lift me through the door
into the light, into the air
beyond the fight, beyond the pain
beyond the sun, beyond the rain
i arise love descends upon the edge
love descends upon the fortress
love descends upon the soul
surrounding as one
one love is the answer
one love is alive
love lives through the channel
love lives through the light
do you believe in the power and glory
the end is soon to pass
and hell may now surround us
and hell deceives the cast
the door awaits you calling
to set your spirit free
and all the seals have opened
for you to call on me
all you little children
are running from the door
there's no need to run
there's no need to hide
there's no where to run
there's no place to hide