Versuri SCARS OF LIFE - Dead And Gone

Album: SCARS OF LIFE - Mute

I try so hard to give this all I have
but something's in the way
I want to know that this times for real
not the lies you say
If I can think back hard to when we once were
I cant seem to see
You said I made your life a living hell
but its beyond me..

If I remember the words you say
Its my life, its my time
but yet you still want a part of me
I can only front for so long
Its your life, its not mine
Why cant you be dead and gone!

I remember the fights that we used to have
about what I couldn't see
this anger still prevails from my heart
deep inside of me
If I close my eyes and think about our past
I cant seem to see
you said I made your life a living hell
But its beyond me..

Dead and gone!
You want a part of me!

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