Versuri SCARVE - Boiling Calm

Album: SCARVE - Irradiant

My subconscious battles it's way to the surface
Roaming through the wilderness that always prevails
The shell cracks open, releasing sheer madness
The certain man is the man who fails
To see will never again be to believe
In nothing I couldn't ever place my trust
Where projectiles plummet and overshadow
The last shred of sanity is bound to leave

Luminous ages of infinite reflection
Permanently misleading me from reality
Neural transformers deprived of connection
There are no more words left to be spoken
Numb suffering arises from out of nowhere
Defying any logical sense of belief
If this is how soul and spirit fornicate
I'll run all the way to hell and remain there

Boiling with disgust, I never meant to be this way
Bleeding of my guilt, I never meant to be this way

The death of a being slowly closes in - every spare second, a breath is taken
And when it all comes down to the end, theres no more meaning to the horror called sin