Versuri SCARVE - HyperConscience

Album: SCARVE - Irradiant

Floating towards the cosmic essence
On which your sanity keeps leaning
Every single nerve manifests it's presence
And still you're asleep and dreaming
Even the sixth sense is now awake
An entire existence is at stake
The palpable tension makes your blood overflow
A new seed is planted and ready to grow

Visual rays like razorsharp laserbeams cutting through the cold obscurity
Aural perception of the slightest movement in this all-enveloping universal void


The highest of creatures would be in control
Of a sentiment so profound
Synaptic currents will take their toll
Unless equilibrium is found
Emotions quarrel restlessly
Rapid eye movements of the third degree
Yet there is only one single path:
The illogical road of universal truth

An air-like skin so transparently liquid that a single atom would scratch it
Electromagnetic captors of a scent piercing thick concrete mass
A sweet salty taste dividing the divine from the utter darkness

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