Versuri SCARVE - The Resonating Cycle

Album: SCARVE - Luminiferous

Can't ignore what leaps towards me, gnawing at my skin
Can't resist the unreal beauty of otherworldly sin
So appeasing in this poison, all senses focalise
Desperate to bring a newfound truth before my eyes

...Before my eyes
Staggering depths and heights
Hypnotized I swirl out of sight

Can't deny determined I believe all gods prosper in lie
Yet no science can occult this vestige of a different life
Fearless shapes crawl and mingle deep inside the sterile vacuum
Their flow of thoughts decodes within my mind

...Within my mind
Limitless resonance
Bouncing back and forth through time

Capture and absorb
Decode the flowing mass
All my senses focalise
All that comes has already passed
Heavy is the curtain falling
So appeasing is this poison
Feel that all these thoughts are mine
Feel that all these thoughts are mine!

Long since adrift into the unforeseen
I'll dream forever of what could have been

...Before my eyes
Staggering depths and heights
Eternally resonating life

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