Versuri SCENT OF FLESH - Descent To Dark Clarity

Album: SCENT OF FLESH - Valor In Hatred

Through the halls of the Darkness
I find my peace
I find my dignity
And now I realize
My meaningless life of mortal
It's all been in vain
Gone is all that misery
And all that agony
Nothing but endless fields of silent desolation
Rest in black eternity
In lifeless nothingness
I despise those who still live
As they suffer in pain
Join us
And you'll feel pain no more
In our tranquillity
Sleep eternally
In this silent infinity

All I was
All I tried
All the pain will be never more
For I am enchanted
More superior than never before
And I fall deeper
To the depth where is never light
Floating through black abyss
Descent to dark clarity

Wondering in unearthly silence
Desire for ultimate peace
Desolation beyond belief
Reflection of immortality
Curse of flesh denied forever
Blessing in pure, lifeless era
Silent truth echoes through the darkness
Throng of souls
Fleshless and sacred
Rest forever

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