Versuri Sceptic - Ancestor Of All Powers

Album: Sceptic - Pathetic Being

The time has come to combine thoughts with mind
With human imagination it's hard to find
It's not yet gone and that'll change soon
During the eclipse of planet earth and it's moon

From the ashes and dust it will arise
The ancestor of all powers - humanity's price
An idea lies in bloodcurdling game they play
Not in the constant aspiration to throw fears away

[Solo: Jacek]
[Solo: Czesiek]
[Solo: Jacek]

Great masterpiece made by human race
Power of imagination and it's real face
It's not as divine as many people think
Overwhelming fiction - that's what it brings

Essence of these events lies in the same place
As disorder of ancestor's acts in the space
Cosmos is source of immense supremacy
But through the centuries lost it's integrity

[repeat chorus]