Mary Chords - Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters

Tabbed By Mark Jones

B   799877
F#m 244222
D   xx0232
E   022100
Eb  011000
A   577655
Abm 466444
C#m 446644

B                             F#m
I love the tone that's in your laugh
Gasping for an extra breath
E               B
Waiting for the time to pass
B                 F#m
I believe in days ahead
Don't spend another night alone
E                 B
Cross and wishing you were dead

E   B   A
Abm                         E            Eb
Mary, you should'nt let 'em make you mad
Abm                   E   
You hold the best you can
Abm                      E           Eb
And Mary, after all the pain is gone
Abm                              E   Eb
I'm always gonna live to be your man

C#m  A     C#m  A
Ho-Woah,   Ho-Woah

I've had it easy now you see
When I'm down your'e always there
Standing by to comfort me 
Someday we'll go round the world
I'll make the journey so sublime
I know you're not a travelln' girl


Abm                         F#m
Cause I'd give everything I have
Forget all the things that bring me joy
If you could have one day
   F#m             B
Of pure and simple happiness
B          E
Until that moment comes
B                       E
I'll be here where I've always been
I'm gonna be your friend
F#m             B
Until the day I die