Your Last Song Tab - Scorpions

Artist: Scorpions
Album: Humanity hour 1
Title: Your Last Song (Track 9)

this is one of my fav song in scorps new album...


intro solo
Dm        A#     F         C       Dm        A#     F         C

chords used:
 Dm A# F  C  E  E? Em G#m A  G

i'm sorry u gotta find out your self the power chord (everybody must know it, right?)
the solo... anyway here is it..

E          E?           E               G#m
Here I am, writing my last song for you
E                E?           E              G#m
Hear the words carefully, and you'll see it's you... I'm leaving
A                            Em
Don't want to be the one to tell you
A                        G       F    Em
That I can't stay another day

D5             A#5           F5                 C5
I'll throw the pages on the floor I'm starting over like before
D5               A#5        F5                 C5
I'll change this stupid ending and stay with you forever more
D5             A#5           F5              C5
But when I'm lying next to you It's hard to bargain with the truth
D5             A#5           F5                  D5     C5
Cause when you know the love is gone The time has come to write
A#        C5
your last song

**second verse is also same like the 1st vrse**
There you are
Smiling at me from the next room
Beautiful as the first day I met you
And I'm so sorry
I couldn't be the one to love you
The way that you deserve to be


D#5                   A#5
It's hard to think of you and I as total strangers
D#5                          A#5                       F5
I've lived this last goodbye a million times or more in my mind
D#5      D5
My mind, my mind

first repeat of DmA#FC used the intro solo, but somehow I can't tab the other.. (don't
enough time..)

**this post chorus is used same chord as chorus

Oh and I'm gonna miss you
But I can't go back
Even just to kiss you
Cause I can't exist
Just living a lie
Gotta lot of love to give
You know before I die
And as I watch you
Sing along
It's killing me to know
That it's your last song

^_^ Anyway i hope u enjoy this song..

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