Versuri Scorpions - Hell Cat

Album: Scorpions - Virgin Killer

Fire in her eyes ... burn ...

      Perfume of the skies ...

      Fingers cold as ice ... freeze ...

      Devil in disguise!


      Well, she´s a, she´s a, she´s a

      You know that she´s a hell-cat, hell-cat, hell-cat, hell-cat

      (She´s gonna scratch up your mind ...)

      You know that guy with piccadilly-eyes

      Was talking to the French boy

      But didn´t realize.


      An´ he tried to get a wife

      But he couldn´t stay alive

      Well, you know that lad with the rubber-dad

      Paints his fingers yellow, blue, and red.

      An´ you also know that she´s a liar

      Knowing only her desire ...

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