Versuri Scorpions - He's a Woman, She's a Man

Album: Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes

I saw it walking lonely down the street 

      cool like a cat and like a crazy   dream 

      I´m looking twice again and can´t believe 

      it turned around and   then it looked at me 

      I thought "oh, no" it really couldn´t be 

      it was a   man and was a woman too 

      he´s a woman 

      she´s a man


      I think it   really came from far away 

      I´m feeling hypnotised, I have to stay 

      it   takes my hand and says come on let´s go 

      we´re going home there´s nothing   more to say 

      he starts to move she starts to play 

      I need a body, why not   you? 

      he´s a woman 

      she´s a man