Versuri Scorpions - I've Got to Be Free

Album: Scorpions - Taken By force

You´re burning my heart

       you´re burning my mind

      you´re spoiling my art

       you´re wasting my time


      No taste in your actions 

      no taste in your line

       no truth or direction

       no true love of mine


      You say you wanna be a superstar 

      don´t give a damn how to get that far 

      you say you wanna ride a diamond car 

      but I don´t like your fat cigar.


      Hey, hey, hey don´t you wanna see 

      I´m not your stepping stone 

      hey, hey, hey I´ve got to be free 

      so leave my life alone


      You´re in love with success 

      you´re spilling my wine 

      don´t follow my tracks, babe 

      you ways are not mine


      Your main god is money

      you´re wasting my life 

      I´m not your Bugs Bunny

      and you´re not my wife


      You say you only do it for our best 

      but you don´t wanna see what I detest 

      you think me crack-brained 

      that I´m gonna leave your show 

      but you can´t see what I see 

      so let me go.

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