Versuri Scorpions - Riot of Your Time

Album: Scorpions - Taken By force

The only king of rock has gone gone to heaven 

      a star on the way to the stars

      another king of rock is born, ´77

      just born to be there, when it starts


      ´94,´95, if the world is still alive

      will be the start, for the riot of your time

      here´s a ticket for a burning train 

      to set the world in flame 

      to play the hero game

      here´s a ticket for the future days 

      you´ll be the x•rock king

       the new electric face 

      a new generations mind

       the riot of your time


      He´s got the message to be more,

       a new desire

      a storm full of life, wild and young

       "the x-rock 1994 electric fire"

      will burn out the time, like the sun

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