Versuri Scorpions - The Good Die Young

Album: Scorpions - Sting in the Tail

You wake up Watch the world go 'round You shiver Feeling upside down Your heart is beating fast Pumping blood to your head Another day to
fight You have a prayer on your lips under the desert sun And a loaded gun You remember every word That your father said Stay out of
trouble son And be true to yourself You'll be working like a dog Raise a family And life will be alright But now it's written in the stars
if you'll make it out alive Out alive The good die young There might be no tomorrow In god we trust Through all this pain and sorrow The
good die young The flame will burn forever And no one knows your name Bring the boys back home again It was a quiet day On the streets of
hope When the bomb went off At the side of the road Sounds of breaking steel An windshield full of blood No enemy in sight It feels like
in a movie scenes are passing by It's your life

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