Versuri Sear Bliss - Arx Idolatriae

Album: Sear Bliss - Grand Destiny

In the deep of the Carpathians
Surrounded by forests where beasts of night dwell
On a bare mountain it stands
The loneliest fortress

O' lord Opour
Worship the four elements

God of Earth, thy gift a great stone
Created not by human hands

God of Fire, thy gift, a furnace in the bowels of earth
from which thou throw out thy fury
Through the "flue of hell"

God of Water, thy gift an awesome trunk
Transformed into a stone black as night
No axe could chop it and it sparks by the beat of steel

God of Air, thy gift an enormous thunderbolt
That fell on the ground of Arx Idolatriae

Step into the sulphur cave
Inhale the might of thy idols

Though the walls are crushed
We will raise the flag of the long forgotten ones