Versuri Sear Bliss - Eternal Battlefields

Album: Sear Bliss - Forsaken Symphony

On the battlefield
The carnage is done
Heroes, broken and dead
Lying in the mud
But I look up to the sky
Ready not to die

The sky above me is gray
My blade is drawn

It's getting dark
I see the shades of my enemies
They gather by the thousands
Darkness encircles us all

My sword is drawn
For the very last time
They're sharpening their claws
Screams and thunder

Their claws ripping my flesh
It is the greatest day
As I won't retreat or surrender

My body falls to the ground
Their teeth tear my flesh
Eyes, burning with madness
Teeth bloody, I've heard
The crunching of my bones
I die!

Enshrouded in fog I'm marching
With great warriors of past

Among the slain I wander
I look up to the sky
Filled with stars
I became one with them

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