Versuri Sear Bliss - Hate Blade

Album: Sear Bliss - Grand Destiny

We rise from the deaths
And we are holding our swords
Our heart is filled
With pride and might untold
With our spiritual brothers we shall gather
To fight side by side in the mightiest battle
And we shall use our mental force
for we are transcendent
We are gifted with the energy of universe

Join our army
And fight in this spiritual battle

The memory of conquering
Still lives in our heart
And we daydream a time
When we'll be in warfare
We have no time to loose
Triumphantly we'll awake the flame
Its embers lie inside (for a long time)
Waiting for this day
When we declare war
With the purest feelings in our heart
With the bitterest memories in wind
Why should we forget those whom we hate inside?

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