Versuri Sear Bliss - Shores Of Death

Album: Sear Bliss - Glory And Perdition

In dim half-light
In shadowy reverie

Near the Stygian shores
Where howling winds prevail
And the tainted soul of a man
No longer stains the air

This is where I've arrived
With the taste of grief
That plunged a dagger into my soul

In this recondite yet gruesome moment
There's only one thing left unanswered
Is time in constant motion?

With the grief of a thief I scourge my foe
Now I'm truly rejoiced
I do need no one anymore

In dim half-light
In shadowy reverie

There's no return from this place
And now the funeral will begin

I linger on among my memories
That used to mean so much
But now I bury them
Into the deepest of my soul
In the graveyard that dwells within

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