Versuri Sear Bliss - The Vanishing

Album: Sear Bliss - Forsaken Symphony

Still I feel lost
In this chaotic world of hypocrisy
The memories still haunting me
And the voices echoing between
The grey walls of my mind
With a bleak smile on my face I feast
As I still mourn the past
I watch as the naked leaves fall
And rigid branches crackle under my feet

I will return to the peace I so long forgot

Regression and progression are the same
In this state of suspended animation
Heartless I lie on the coldest ground

...Night is too bright for me

I learnt much of the lies
I have seen witches burning on stakes
I will never smell the fresh air again
My vision is blurred with fine hoarfrost

The horrendous truth
It blurred my vision
I glance (at you) with empty eyes

As I vanish into thick fog
I realize that
Night is too bright for me...