Versuri SEAR - Blindfolded f**k

Album: SEAR - Begin The Celebrations Of Sin

Hung men of Christ
Naked bodies of priests

Their holy stupid smiles
Inverted by sharp razor
Bloody crying eyes
Their faces grotesque after the Blade

Abandoned raped souls
Blind beliefs strangled
Suffocated to death

Altar of eternal torture
Spiked horror body crushing
Lacerating skin painfully
Shrine of agony

Bloody thorns penetrated the flesh
Dying screams of the holy ghost
Cries of agony
Blood drips from hall eaten bodies
Floor filled with entrails and s**t

Bloody tears from stabbed eyes
Tears of a ruined religion
Starving corpses crawl in filth
Mad mouths of purification
Gnaw the skinless scum
Eating away the wriggling
Remnants of light

Their holy stupid smiles
Inverted by sharp razor

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