Versuri SEAR - Lobotomy With A Crucifix

Album: SEAR - Begin The Celebrations Of Sin

Chambers of regret and loss
Screams of fear and despair
Nameless slaughtered victims
And raped minds suffer

Lobotomy with a crucifix
Denied freedom of filthy lies
Lobotomy with a crucifix
Condemned into oblivion

Brains pulverized to shreds
Eyes weeping bloody tears
Given a final absolution of sins
Before a long and cruel death

Corpses of Christian cowards
Torn apart and nailed to wooden boards
Hung up to repent on a wall
Disgraced and gutted alive

Sharpening the blades for
A massacre of all good and pure

We'll claim this world as our trophy
And begin the celebration of sin

Lobotomy with a crucifix
f****d up and left alone to die
Lobotomy with a crucifix
And afterlife of living hell