Versuri SEAR - Monument 666

Album: SEAR - Begin The Celebrations Of Sin

Room of unholy grotesque
Gallery of brutal blasphemy
Monument of dying and death
Masterpiece of art inverted crosses/propaganda

Torsos with torn limbs
Toothless smashed mouths
Sucking the wriggling bastard

Fallen nuns disgracing the mark of god
Living corpses of priests
f*****g the decapitated heads

666 lashes of whip
Ripping the disease of light
666 fallen angels
Madly turn on, raping

Horny skinless sluts
Lusty mutilated c***s
Penetrated by torn cocks
Masturbating with rusty knifes

666 succubus
Sodomize the lambs of god
666 ejaculations
Bloody sperm on virgin Mary

Raw fist of Satan
In the a*s of Christianity