Sebastian Bach tinea dieta cu cocaina

de Andreea Gherfi

Sebastian Bach tinea dieta cu cocaina

Sebastian Bach a lansat de curand "18 And Life On Skid Row", o carte in care povesteste despre debutul sau si anii petrecuti alaturi de Skid Row.

Jonathan Clarke de la Q104.3 l-a invitat pe Sebastian in emisiunea sa pentru a despica cateva dintre aceste amintiri interesante, una dintre ele fiind sfatul lui Richie Sambora, chitaristul trupei Bon Jovi, care l-a indrumat pe Sebastian Bach sa prizeze cocaina ca sa arate foarte slab pe scena.

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"This was like 1987 and I was just starting out. It could have been him, it could have been anybody, but back at the time, we were all expected to be razor thin, you know, that's the image of the rock star. But that's an unnatural look. Like the cover of the book, everybody's like 'That's the best you ever looked'. Well, that's when I was the most into doing blow. But it gives you that gaunt appearance that rockers strive for. When you're doing cocaine, you don't need food.", a marturisit Sebastian Bach

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