Versuri SECRET SPHERE - First Snake

Album: SECRET SPHERE - Heart And Anger

You're safe inside your room
Deaf to people scream
Fear of loosing anything, heart of stone
You got the power for your selfish dirty aims
A smile misleading people against you

Your values, sand in the wind, you bough reality
You sold your dignity for a dream of glory
Now your time has come, but can't set the world free...

Silent crawls through dust, it's here, over the world
Once killed his brother and kissed christ betraying
Silent crawls through dust, it's back
Looking for conquering
Once killed his brother and would do it again
It's the first snake

They answer you call, for money sold what got no price
They just find their ends
For golden medals you're

Side by side with leaders, killer made of you
In your conscience they die for justice but
You're in a jungle where the strongest wins
And survive, while people are your means

Tear by tear, drop after drop, a sea of blood
Innocent blood, victims of a mad race

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