Versuri SECRET SPHERE - Life Part II - Daylight

Album: SECRET SPHERE - Scent Of Human Desire

[music composed and arranged by Buratto, Messina, Lonobile, Cartasegna, Gianotti, Agate; words by Lonobile, Messina]

The deep sense of action,
A river of sensations,
In your mind,
Can you hear them screamin'out...
And then take you down.
You stop to wonder,
You feel the end is near,
I can't stand this feeling,
Like a river flowin' inside

Here I am in this ocean,
Carried away on the waves,
Seasons passing by,
But my lfe...

There's a time and a space, a spark in the dark,
There are these words in silence, babe
Carry me through the daylight
In this game of life the solution's near,
The cure for my fears,
Burns in my veins and in my heart

Don't tell me what is wrong,
Just let me free to walk my way,
Don't stop to believe in,
I'll pay the price if I'm wrong,
I choose to live my life

Here I am for what I have to live,
Why don't you give me more
Here I am for what I have to live,
But you can't give more,

So much I have to pay,
It's so hard to face your heart,
So much to's all life