Versuri SECRET SPHERE - Lost Land Of Lyonesse

Album: SECRET SPHERE - A Time Nevercome

[Aurienne (The spirits):]
Back from hell to get my revenge,
Lyonesse, my land will raise again
In the midnight sky the bells resound
It's time, my rage is the only law


Remeber your skin, your eyes...all is lost
Ghost of desire now I'm pray for their damnation.
Remember my words "At the devil masquerade"
Your soul will be mine, I fell your fear,
Your trembly body, unconscious sense of strange
Now I'm here


There's no way out,
the time has come to pay the my price


Take me far away, please raise me over the rainbow
Where your spirit will ride on, across my fairy land

Now, I close my eyes,
Nothing will tear us apart.

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