Versuri SECRET SPHERE - Twilight Of Fairytale

Album: SECRET SPHERE - Mistress Of The Shadowlight

I have found my way to live in light.
You fill me with the eteral brath.
Carefully warmin' on my shoulders,
you make me shine, in a black embrace

Don't live me now
or I'll just remain in a world without hope,
Sharin' at darkest sky
askin' -why shoud I stay here?-
Staring at blind horizons
-why should I stay in this...

...cloudy night
I long for immense lands to fly over on wings,
Forever looking back
recalling the hope of a light lost behind now,
I need your power inside me,
need you to wipe away my loneliness,
Waiting for you my bride,
before emptyness falls over me.-

Now I'm entangled in this dirty marsh
It's hard to set myself and my heart free
But time will come, I'll wear your wings my bride
we'll tear the clouds are waighing down on my life.

But don't leave me now
or I'll just remain in a world without hope
Staring at darking skies
Asking -why should I stay here?-
before a blind horizon
-Looking for...

...your light,
I long for the immense lands to fly over on wings
Forever running through
the eternal lands with the fire in my heart,
I need your power inside me
need you to spread around my heart,
don't leave my heands, Bride,
don't let emptyness fall over me...

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