Versuri SECRET SPHERE - White Lion

Album: SECRET SPHERE - Mistress Of The Shadowlight

Behind the corner of every town,
deep in our minds there is dreams oppression,
nature of man is both free and repressed,
putting down a devasting force
that lives inside your warrior's eyes with pride,
a rising sun, high from the temple of mind

Stained world flies,
far with fears of false ideals,
(lost and blind)
you'll chase silver tears fallin' in time,
(don't waste time)
leave this empty crowd of lies

Brake out the glass cage that injures your heart,
set free the fire in your hands,
let burn the flame that enlights the world

White Lion,
spread out my rage,
open the sky with your
bright power,
before my eyes
break the strong evil chains

Every time I wonder what I pray,
for not that I point my eyes
on something higher beyond,
of my reign I'm Lord





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