Versuri Secrets of the Moon - Bleakstar

Album: Secrets of the Moon - The Inhibitions

The snake is here
the abandoned inmost catching the rat
focusing on death astray
the silver-crossed chariot
winding through unlimited sciences

The star is here
blinding dogmas of worlds in worlds below
sky clears and vanishes hope and desperation

The star is here
speaking in triads

There is no beyond
no demigod but man
no pantheon of wisdom
when the bleakstar conducts

It will eat your heart
scourish warm unmistakable unclean

This is not a place for you
this is not a race you're part of
this is not for you
the listener is you

Snakes embraces star
enchained in distant chaos
until the light catches us
until the bearer reigns the beast

[Dedicated to Louis Cyphre]

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