Versuri Secrets of the Moon - To The Ultimate Embers And Ash

Album: Secrets of the Moon - Carved In Stigmata Wounds

I am thee... liar
I am thee... star
(Through the) unnatural fundamental
We are...


Charon leads us against the streams of salvation
Sirius tongue like razorblades meeting the cold white flesh
Alpha wolves blinding the omega and guzzling what remains

White pathways
Traces to follow
Exile the stones from our legs
Through the unnatural fundamental
Here we are

Cruelty and iron
Risen from the scarlet
Statues from the plinth
Bases of triumph rewritten
Onward mega therion

Struggling and messing
Pathways to follow
Obscure splendours to find
Through the unnatural fundamental
Here we are

Through the quicksand of conspiracy we are sunken
Left seraph behind us and consumed the world with fire tongues

Where a new age collapses with the monuments of hell
We are, we are and will forever
Stay here

A shadow in the ruins of Armageddon
Fragments of a world which seemed so strong

Granting and raising the tone
To rape the seven, to worship the six
Granting and hailing the omen
When needles are sticking the eyes