Sentenced Chords & Tabs

Country: Finland Label: Century Media Website: Formed in: 1989 Disbanded in: 2005 1991-1994 Death metal 1995 Melodic Death metal 1996-2005 Suomi metal 1996-2005 Depressive Heavy metal Line-up Former musicians: 1989-1991  Lari Kylmänen - bass   1989-2005  Miika Tenkula - guitars   1989-2005  Sami......Biografie Sentenced

Where Waters Fall Frozen Bass Tab

When The Moment Of Death Arrives Tab

Warrior Of Life Tab

Vengeance Is Mine Bass Tab

The Way I Wanna Go Tab

The War Aint OverBass Tab

The Suicider Tab

Sun Wont Shine Bass Tab

Sun Wont Shine Tab

Shadegrown Tab

One With Misery Tab

Noose Bass Tab

Noose Tab

No Tomorrow Tab

No One There Bass Tab

No More Beating As One Tab

Neverlasting Bass Tab

Nepenthe Bass Tab

Nepenthe Tab

Mourn Tab

May Today Become The Day Bass Tab

Lower The Flags Bass Tab

Let Go Tab

Let Go Solo Tab

Konevitsan Kirkonkellot Bass Tab

Killing Me Killing You Bass Tab

Killing Me Killing You Tab

Keep My Grave Open Tab

Karu Bass Tab

Ill Throw The First Rock Tab

Home In Despair Bass Tab

Home In Despair Tab

Funeral Spring Bass Tab

Fragile Bass Tab

Farewell Tab

Excuse Me While I Kill Myself Chords

Ever-frost Bass Tab

Drown Together Tab

Dead Moon Rising Bass Tab

Dead Moon Rising Tab

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Bass Tab

Blood And Tears Tab

Bleed Bass Tab

Bleed Tab

Aika Multaa Muistot Everything Is Nothing Bass Tab

0132 Tab

Guilt And Regret Tab

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Solo Tab

Aika Multaa Muistot Everything Is Nothing Tab

Ever-frost Tab

Luxury Of A Grave Tab

Despair-ridden Hearts Chords

Consider Us Dead Tab

Dance On The Graves Tab

The Truth Solo Tab

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