Versuri Sentenced - A Long Way To Nowhere

Album: Sentenced - The Funeral Album

[Music: Tenkula & SENTENCED, Lyrics: Lopakka]

Approaching the moment now
Long hard journey in its end
Starting to loom right now,
The final round and then it hits you
It kicks you, it slicks you in hell

All the toil and all exhaustion
All those times we hated
All the losses, sacrifices
All those things were missed
All the suffering and distortion
s**t we tolerated
All that we abandoned
All for this

Our scattered hope fall down
The zeal turns to negligence
The shattered dreams all down
Crumbled around

That's when it shakes you
It quakes you, it breaks you
It kades you, it fades you
Degrades you in laughs

Enough, enough, too much is more than we can take
All those hits we took, persistence was in vain
Enough, enough, too much is all than I can feel
Down the drain
Just bitterness remains

It shakes you, it quakes you
It breaks you, it hates you
Degrades you in laughs

All the battles, all the dirts and victories we tasted
All the tension, all the misery and all the bless
All the passion, all the hurt and all the love we wasted
All the purgatories, all for this

There's nothing else...

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